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Troubleshoot Data Source Connection - manke use of a Logfile?#12

If I move my site to another provider, the connection to my tables will be changed due to new server credentials. In order to get the table to connect to my datasource, I need to be able to see what challenges are being presented. Using your “Separate DB Connetcion” is a step in the right direction, but there is no troubleshooting information if this step is successful, but my data is still not being displayed. I’m sure its permissions based, but I cannot determine what or where to look if I don’t have a logfile or intrerface informing me as to what is happening that is producing (or in this case, not producing) my data table.

Perhaps some more options on yhour table Data Source tab, other than the refersh rate? Something like a “Download Logfile”, “Test Datasource”, or “Use Credentials”?

a month ago