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Infinity scroll#138


Hability to load more data when on the scroll we reach the bottom of the table.
So remove the pagination to get an inifinity scroll.

a year ago

I agree, this would be a nice setting to have, enabled or disabled depending on preference.

7 months ago


If you prefer to display all rows and remove pagination, set the Default rows per page option to ‘All.’ Alternatively, if you’d like a ‘Load More’ button at the bottom of the table or have any other specific preferences, please provide an example or give us more informations. Thank you for your time.

3 months ago

Actually, now when you mention it, a “load more” button would indeed be better for performance than infinite scroll… so at least my vote is now meant for that feature.
Anyway, a third option (besides pagination and all rows) would be very nice to have. Thank you.

3 months ago