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Support `range` query param for Google sheets input file URL#144


Currently wpDataTables that read data from Google Sheets pulls all data from the entire sheet specified in the input file path, and ignores the range query param if its supplied.

But native Google sheets supports the range query param. For example if I go to[sheet-id]/edit#gid=0&range=A1:F7, the specified sheet will open and range A1:A7 will be selected.

This could be used by wpDataTables to only pull in a specific range from a sheet, instead of it always pulling in the entire sheet by default.

This can be implemented both for absolute range address like this:[sheet-id]/edit#gid=0&range=A1:F7

And for a named range (native google sheets feature), like this:[sheet-id]/edit#gid=0&range=firstFiveRows

a year ago