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SEO - reduce unused code, css and javascript#189


I try to optimize my page for search engins. I am honest that is a small disaster.

wpdatatables solution need realy all css and js files von bootstrap?
That would be great if you can reduce the js and css files. It should be only included functionality if you needed for wpdatatabels.

Additional, I deactivated the edit mode in the user-frondend but I found a lot of code for this functionality in html source.

Excample ….

<script type="text/javascript">var wdtMdDashboard = false;var wdtMdTranslationStrings = {“add_new_entry”:”Neuen Eintrag hinzufu00fcgen”,”duplicate_entry”:”Duplicate entry”,”back_to_date”:”Zuru00fcck zum Datum”,”browse_file”:”Durchsuche”,”cancel”:”Abbrechen”,”cannot_be_empty”:” field cannot be empty!”,”cannot_be_edit”:”Sie ku00f6nnen dieses Feld nicht bearbeiten”,”changeFileAttachment”:”u00c4ndern”,”choose_file”:”Verwenden Sie die ausgewu00e4hlte Datei”,”chooseFile”:”Datei auswu00e4hlen”,”close”:”Schlieu00dfen”,”columnAdded”:”Spalte wurde hinzugefu00fcgt!”,”columnHeaderEmpty”:”Spaltenkopfzeile darf nicht leer sein!”,”columnRemoveConfirm”:”Bitte bestu00e4tigen Sie das Lu00f6schen der Spalte!”, …….

SEO is very important. Therefore I hope you can help me to reduce the loading time by wpdatatables

2 months ago