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Add inputs option for MySQL query#261


First thanks for your great plugin.
I using it on my own website and now I think your plugin would be better than all if you add some inputs option for Mysql Query method.
example. I have a Mysql table with a lot of data rows.
If I want to get/Select some data from mysql table with special date,
For now, I must use a fix date in my query.
I have a calendars on my database.
I crate a weekly blog post on my website. I need to insert data from my databse filtered by current week date. so I need to crate WPdatabse table every week.
Buy we can do it with dynamic query like this:
Query from database table …….. where columx=”” and date={Worpress_Post_Date}

so in your published post, the table query from your database filtered by blog post date.

6 months ago