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Highcharts Column range (for making "product evolution charts" and more)#388

Please could you add “columnrange” to your supported Highcharts chart types.

In my use case the vertical axis would show a product characteristic that can be many things, such as engine power, weight, volume, length, max speed, any kind of capacity.

The horizontal axis would show a timeline, representing years of production.

By looking at the graph, people would easily see at a glance which product replaced which and when, also was the successor more powerful than the old product, for example.

(suggestion edited to be less verbose, after my decision to not use wpDataTables for this project)

4 months ago

I just accomplished the desired results using a wiki platform and custom html, actually a better choice for the project in question. That way I also don’t have any technical limitations on using Highcharts graphs (I especially need the data labels on the graphs).

Therefore I’m taking back this suggestion, but of course can’t say anything on behalf of the few others who voted, though.

3 months ago