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Highcharts Column range (for making "product evolution charts" and more)#388

Please could you add “columnrange” to your supported Highcharts chart types:

This would allow me to create yet another noteworthy project in the future using wpDataTables, see attached screenshot (columnrange tested in jsfiddle) for what I’m planning.
The vertical axis shows a product characteristic that can be many things, like engine power, weight, volume, length, max speed, any kind of capacity etc.
Surely not a chart type you see every day, but this too would then be possible to accomplish with wpDataTables..!

My use case would be from automotive industry, but this chart type is suitable for any kind of product with a comparable characteristic and known years of production, for example.

Actually no other good way to perfectly visualize this type of data, so I’m really hoping you could add this in the future.
Thank you in advance.

a month ago