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URL open in new window with using Formidable Forms integration#404


Currently, when there is a link in the table using the Formidable Forms integration, the link will not open in a new window/tab, even though the option is selected in the configuration. The forminatior integration plugin has webhooks that allows this to happen. For the purposes of our website, Formidable Forms is the better option, and WPDataTables does everything else I need it to do. I amhoping that you will be able to add this functionality very soon. Thank you.

4 months ago

Hi, Kevin,

Thank you for your time. Could you please double-check? This option seems to be functional in our environment. You can click on the column with the link, and in the Data tab, you’ll find an option labeled ‘Open link in a new tab.’ If you’re still encountering issues, please reach out to our support team, and they will liaise with the developers to investigate this matter further.

3 months ago


Thanks for the response. I have already gone through support for this issue and they suggest I make a feature request because it is not a feature with the Formidable Forms integration. I have that option selected, yet it still opens the link in the same tab, rather than opening a new one. If it helps in checking it out, My column with the link is part of the master details section, not on the main table when viewing the page. Also, that column is an “Upload File” field.

These are exerpts from the support ticket I created on this issue:

“So, at the moment, as you see, due to the current limitations of how our integration with the Formidable works, if you wish to achieve opening in a new Tab with our built-in options, it won’t be possible with an “Upload file” Field from the Form.

Because our Plugin wraps the URL in HTML anchor Tags and structures the data ‘around the PDF link’, but in this case when you use “Upload File” in the Form, then the Form entry is already structured with the HTML around the link, which ‘clashes’ with our options to “Open in new Tab” or “Button with text” and it breaks that functionality.”

“For example, for one of our other Form integrations, the Forminator integration, our developers managed to add some custom Hooks which can be used to manipulate how the Form Entries are passed to our Tables.”

“But that is only for the Forminator, while for the Formidable integration, sadly, we don’t have hooks like that added yet, but you can suggest it to our developers - they will do their best to make a solution as soon as possible.”

Thank you.

3 months ago