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Improve Global Search through adding "Delay", "Debounce" or "3 characters rule"#408


The Problem:
I have a table displaying only about 100 rows, but when typing a word, the first few letters cause everything to freeze. This is not happening if I just copy-paste the word. So the problem is obviously that the first letters are immidiatly trigering the search.

The Solution:
To solve this problem (that many others might experience too), please
add the option to delay / debounce the start of the search by 500ms (or something like this) or only after the third character is typed.

As an alternative it would be possible to have the search started by a button clicked and not by character typing.

3 months ago

Hi, thank you for your time! Currently, we offer this option (Search button) through the Powerful Filters addon.

Feel free to check it out in our Sandbox environment.

3 months ago