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Bulk edit column data type.#426

We use Google Sheets for our 100 mile lap race results and wpDataTables will auto format duration columns for each lap as AM/PM time column type instead of leaving it as a string. Manually editing 50+ column data types to change from TIME to STRING and cycle through the save animation is time consuming.

It would be wonderful to be able to checkbox the columns and then set the data type for all at once instead of one-by-one.

Thank you!

24 days ago

I concur this suggestion. A similar problem occurs when some columns do not have a value on the first row. (The columns get assigned as string.)

A helpful workaround for your problem would be to create a dummy row in the beginning of the table with values that coax the plugin to give you the desired column types. If you are using imported values, all you need to do is remove the first row. If you are using linked tables, you only need to remove the row from your source – the column types will not update when the data is updated.

8 days ago