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View all data, only edit data linked to you.#452


In a table I created, I made a row for various persons. Every person can edit their row in the frontend, but not the rows of other people. Everyone can see all the rows, also from other people.

15 days ago

This is related to the suggestion #149 (and/or the ones merged with it) which they will hopefully start working on in the near future.
I remember someone had a very similar situation you described, although couldn’t find that one now with a quick search.

I guess in some situations a workaround for this could be having one table with the “Users see and edit only their own data” feature enabled, and an another SQL query based read-only table, showing all the data.

14 days ago

Hello Alex,

Thank you very much for your response, I now finished the table with your tip, so it works almost 100% now!
I have 2 more questions about this table:

The first question is about calculating rows or cells
I need two rows (not columns) which calculate something for me. O means morning and M means afternoon. The volunteers should know how many people are still needed. I would need these two calculating rows:

  1. A row which calculates 3 – the nr. of times O or OM is in the column.
  2. A row which calculates 8 – the nr. of times M or OM is in the column.

These formulas I used in Excel:
For O and OM:
For M and OM:

I can’t switch the columns and rows, because the volunteers must use the “Edit” button toe dit a whole row. Switching the rows and columns would result in the volunteers editing the wrong thing.

Could you help me with these calculating rows / cells? I’ve made a picture of the table and put it as an attachment.

The second question is about something I am not able to fix.
On this page I made two tables, the top one is a SQL table, the bottom one is the table where it is linked with (password of the page is only the nr. 1):
The top table contains all the manually filled in information. There is a hidden column for the customer ID’s, which I filled there in manually.
Now volunteers should be able to adjust their information in the bottom table (it has the “Users see and edit only their own data” function on).
But when a volunteer tries to change their information in the bottom table, it is not visible in the top table.
So now I manually made a refresh button which they have to press after adjusting their information.
But still, when a volunteer adjusted their information in the bottom table, it is not adjusted in the table at all (in none of both).
I’m not sure why this is happening.

I tried to put in some information myself (in the bottom table), and it worked like a charm. So I have no clue why I am the only one who can change this information in the front-end.
Could you help me with this?
Kind regards,

12 days ago

Hi Brian, I’m just volunteering here in the comment section every now and then, but very happy to hear my tip was useful..!

You have an interesting setup there, I try to give it some thought, although currently my personal project takes a lot of my time.

My first thought for the column calculating or counting thing is… that I most likely would look into using an SQL trigger for that.
Please see this for inspiration and general idea:

And about your other problem… that really sounds trickier.
I’d strongly suggest you submit a ticket, copy-pasting this same information, to wpDataTables official support platform:
They’re very helpful and thorough with their answers, please just be patient waiting a few days for their reply.

12 days ago

Ah sorry I didn’t check that picture, I think you should be able to use just SQL functions, no need for a trigger. But just have another small table again for the results.
Please see:

12 days ago

Thanks for the help! I’m going to work on it, thank you very much!!! :)

11 days ago