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Any improvement when dealing with Pivot Tables?#455


I use a ton of Google Sheets pivot tables in my data analysis as it allows real-time updates to compiled data points. So, if the main sheet feeding the tables updates, the tables update.

However, this can be very difficult to work with for things like wpdatatables as you often get that first row that is not actually a header row, but a label row. Would love to see the ability for wpdatatables to be able to work with these types of pivot tables to allow us to “hide” or “ignore” the first row and allow us to be able to import this data.

That, or the ability to create fresh pivot tables from the source data directly within wpdatatables. If there was a native way to recreate those tables directly within wpdatatables, that would be even better! As long as it mirrored the same functionality the Google Sheets pivot tables buiilder has (ability to hide totals, repeat labels, etc.)

15 days ago