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relation with another row (example use cases: "see also", "related to", "compatible with"...)#259

The relations would be set during front-end editing, using a searchable selectbox which allows several to be saved in the column and also adding/removing them later. New input type needed..?

See attachment for simple html table mock-up showing the idea.
For example the relation between products AH52 and XA22 could be set during editing either one of those products, no need to do the procedure separately for both.

The links should open the master detail pages for the products in question, so possibly also depends on .

This kind of functionality would be extremely useful later on in my project, it would be very nice to see it implemented in the future.

Most likely in my use case the “Compatible with” data would need to be visible on master detail pages only, the column should actually be hidden in the table view.

a year ago

I think this is also related to the feature request of child records, it’s just that the relationship between rows would be equal here (there would be no “child”) but the underlying technology might be quite similar:

I’m very much looking forward to any ways for setting and viewing these relations in the near future.
Either one of the mentioned relationship models would be fine as long as they would automatically be explorable two-way and allow many-to-many relation.
I’m counting on you, actually I’ve put my project on hold for now to see what are your plans after #108 is completed.

9 months ago