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Ability to have a URL link to a specific Master-Detail page#108

When Master-Detail record displays as a page/post (not a popup), I’d like a way to link to one specific record.

2 years ago

Yes, please! I came here to request this. This feature is available in the “WP Data Access” plugin, which I was using for a previous version of the directory I’ve created. Unfortunately, that plugin’s tables aren’t nearly as nice looking, out of the box. And the detail page it creates is limited in the ability to style.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to use the SQL CONCAT function to create a column that links to the previous version of the directory detail page. wpDataTables support created this video:

2 years ago

Si I do!
I am constructing a dictionary with wpDataTables. Searching in the db shows restricted entries, which should be more detailed in a master-detail page.

Now dictionary-entries differ in verbs, substantives, adjectives, etc. Each word has its conjugation or declination. This results in more then one possible master-detail page.

Is there a workaround to write more than one page now or in future? The present master-detail page is the ONLY ONE, which holds the db-entry in its vars (%xyz%).
It would be fine to pass on data entry to other pages to construct different possibilities.

2 years ago

Hello I also would like this feature. Many of my users try to link to the master detail page created from template but then find that it contains no data. so ideally, clicking master detail “more details” would open up a unique page based off the template that users could link to. this ia also discussed here: ]
and here

a year ago

My client is asking me since 1 year to have one URL per product as customers copy paste the URL address to contact customer service for a specific product. unfrotunately, the URL is the same for all the products and the support never knows which was the product initially.
This a source of conflicts with my client who cannot understand this feature is not implemented. Their customers send messages and it takes a long time to find the initial product the customer was visiting.


8 months ago

Most likely some fundamental changes are needed to accomplish this. Their coders are probably busy with the numerous charts features and their compatibility… I’d like to think however, that at least some preparations have already been made behind the scenes and they can announce some progress soon.

I really like that instead of “only” tables and charts, wpDatatables is finally near to becoming a fully-fledged database solution. I don’t remember seeing them ever actually advertising the product as such yet nor really promising anything, but things are definitely going to the right direction, since that’s what us customers also want to use it for.

8 months ago
Changed the status to
In Progress
7 months ago

Huzzah! Very exciting news. Following. Do you have an ETA for this feature?

7 months ago

If I’m right, at least the suggestions below depend on completing #108 (#185)

#4 (“ability to vote, rate, and/or like”)
#83 (“child records”)
#161 (“favorites”)
#259 (“relation with another row”)

Keeping my fingers crossed that some of these make it to the roadmap in 2023 :)

Exciting times… I wish you happy coding and good luck..!

7 months ago