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clean or pretty URLs#431

The long-awaited Master Detail URL feature (suggestion #108) is great..! Thank you. (btw, isn’t #185 also about the same thing…)
I’m posting this new suggestion however, because soon someone else probably would anyway.

In the scenario when only one wpdatatable is needed, or having clean URLs for one of them is enough, could there be a global setting for the wdt_md_p_t_id and wdt_md_p_t_col_name values to use..? Because those values would stay the same all the time, so no need to make the URL long only because of them.

Then for example this long and quite complex URL:

could be like this instead:

or at least:

For the time being, I think URL rewriting (mod_rewrite and such techniques) can help to make the URLs shorter, but I hope you’ll consider just adding a setting in the preferences, hopefully soon when this new feature is still fresh. It would definitely make things even better.

6 days ago