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URL slug option for SEO purposes#432

If clean URLs would be implemented (#431), here’s another suggestion for possible further enhancement upon that, URL slugs.

As described by Yoast, “A slug is the part of a URL that identifies a particular page on a website in an easy-to-read form.”

It would be useful to be able to include maybe up to three columns when the slug is constructed, resulting Master Detail URLs being something like this:
(dash between values, trim all whitespace, substitute special characters and umlauts etc)

Also the shorter clean URLs without the slug part could still be used to access the same content, like this:

One of the main benefits here is search engine optimization, so all the URLs (not necessarily all the row data!) should also be discoverable and indexable by search engines. Possibly this is the hard part… or maybe it actually provides the easier way to implement SEO in wpDataTables: only the most significant columns selected for the slug.

In any case, the slug technique is widely used and it would be very nice to see it implemented in the future.
SEO is such a major factor nowadays and as I see it, wpDataTables needs a boost in this area.

5 days ago

Meanwhile, I think a workaround could be to use an SQL trigger to create the slug on inserting a new row. The columns for the slug should be mandatory to fill with a value.
The URLs with the slugs appended (as an extra parameter that will be ignored) could be saved to a column in the main table or another table, then publish them for the search engines on a custom page using a shortcode.
And not forgetting some URL rewriting magic in the middle to get rid of the query string format.
Probably going to do some experimenting with this..!

4 days ago